Project Development: December 2011

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Guessing Number (v2.1)

It's quite long for people to have this new version of Guessing Number.

For this version, new feature "Voice Input" added, which will let the player have a much easier way to input the numbers.

BTW, there is an accident happened on this game.
I kind of lost my certificate key on this game, which make me regenerate the key as well as republish this game as the new one.
This really takes me a lot of time.

So, ppl, if you are reading this article, please, please, ... , please keep your publish key in a safe place.
Also, don't forget your password for that key. HAHA...

Friday, December 2, 2011

File Management System (1.0)

Download Link.

Android has been proved to be one of the best mobile OS in the world now. That's the reason so many people love to use it daily. However, after install and uninstall hundreds of apps on the Android device, the user could easily find their storage is EATEN by some invisible thing. That's caused by the many invisible files which are left by the uninstalled apps.

Based on this novel idea, I started to work on this project, which will help the Android device user to manage and clean their unnecessary files on their devices.

The app provides many good features:
~Preview Image, Audio, Video;
~Install apk files.
~Search files with specific name.
~Display the location of the file where it is stored.
~Delete the file user specified.
~Delete the file like admin.
~Share the file user specified.

Hope every Android user will enjoy this.