Project Development: MineSweeper:

Saturday, April 30, 2011


MineSweeper, one of the world's most classical game from MS Windows NT, is always my favorite game. I spent a lot of time on this game when I was a child. My best score for 10 mines is 6 second. I don't think there are many other people could do better than me.

For this Android Platform based Application, I tried to make this more flexible, so most of the Android version could enjoy this wonderful game. Also, it has a very clear and fresh design for the player to help them feel less pressure when they are playing the game. Third, this game avoid the chance that the user could bug out the mine at its first move, which is a very common bug for most of the minesweeper game. Also it allows the user to make flag or question mark first, which doesn't matter with the mines' generation.

At last, I hope I could make more upgrades for this application. People could have more fun with this game.

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