Project Development: How to connect your Cr-48 to Purdue's Enterprise Network

Thursday, February 10, 2011

How to connect your Cr-48 to Purdue's Enterprise Network

While enjoying the time with Google's new toy - Cr-48, Chrome OS based test drive notebook, two things stuck me there from having my fun.

1st, Can not connect to the Verizon 3G Network, it never works for me, even now.
2nd, Could not use it around the campus, since Purdue University prefer WPA/WPA2 Enterprise network for the security purpose of campus.

Thus, I spent a lot of time on studying the usage of wpa_cli, but the progress seems not good.

However, there is always a solution for the problem. Here it is:

Luckily, I was inspirited by an article of David Burrow from The University of Utah. It showed me how to use wpa_supplicant and wpa_cli to configure the wireless network by using command line.

The following are the steps about how to set up the network in detail.
1st, Set your Cr-48 under develop mode.
Since you need to use root level authority to make the configuration of network. The following link will show you how to set it under develop mode.

2nd, Switch to the command window.
1, Press Ctrl + alt + =>(F2), this will bring you to the the command window.
2, log in as username: chronos without password(just press enter).
3, type in sudo bash to get the root level permission.

3rd, Configuration of Network.
Type in the command wpa_lic.
Then, type in the following command:
  1. add_network; #Pay attention to the network number it returns. I'll refer to this as XX throughout this document. For me, that number is 1, and I use 1 for the following "XX"
  2. set_network XX ssid "calnet2"
  3. set_network XX scan_ssid 1
  4. set_network XX proto WPA2
  5. set_network XX priority 1
  6. set_network XX key_mgmt WPA-EAP
  7. set_network XX eap PEAP
  8. set_network XX identity "dingy" (use your own uNID)
  9. set_network XX password "abcdef999" (use your own password)
  10. set_network XX phase2 "auth=MSCHAPV2"

Then, you should see some connection and authority information.
Then, everything should be fine.

One thing, which is hard is that:
It's time consuming to get familiar with the configuration format of wpa_supplicant and command wpa_cli.

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