Project Development: 200 things to do with Linux

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

200 things to do with Linux

Copyright @ 200th issue of Linux Journal.
1. Actually work instead of waiting for reboots.—Tim Chase
2. Add extra monitors.—LJ Staff
3. Analyse water level and precipitation data.—Keith Nunn
4. Analysis of remote sensing imagery.—Micha Silver
5. Antagonize Windows users.—John Abbott
6. Anything I need, since 1994.—Manuel Trujillo
7. As the basis for FOSS conferences.—moose
8. Audio chat.—LJ Staff
9. Automate tasks with bash.—Dusty Roberson
10. Avoid using Microsoft Windows!—Simon Quantrill, Chris Szilagyi

11. Be a freelance writer.—Carl Fink
12. Be part of a revolution.—max
13. Be part of the Linux community.—Clifford Garwood II, Rodney Shinkfield
14. Be productive.—Petros Koutoupis
15. Block Web sites.—LJ Staff
16. Blog.—LJ Staff
17. Blow people’s minds.—djystn brimr
18. Bond Ethernet channels.—LJ Staff
19. Boot a live CD.—Tim Kissane
20. Browse the Internet virus-free.—ali
21. Bubble sort.—LJ Staff
22. Build an arcade center.—Kris Occhipinti
23. Build a robot.—LJ Staff
24. Build Asterisk telephone switches.—Mike Synnott
25. Build self-assembling/healing wireless mesh networks.—Ivan Ivanov
26. Build smart appliances.—Tom Gilley
27. Build solutions.—Wilhem Gonzalez
28. Burn CDs and DVDs.—LJ Staff
29. Carry it in my pocket.—Sean Pratz
30. cat stuff to /dev/audio.—Michael Hadam
31. Check e-mail from the command line.—LJ Staff
32. Code, code and code.—Jeff Boschee
33. Combine the power of xargs and MPlayer.—Javier Rojas Balderrama
34. Communicate with other consciences. —Angela Kahealani
35. Compile a kernel.—LJ Staff
36. Compile Windows programs.—LJ Staff
37. Compose music.—LJ Staff
38. Compress data.—LJ Staff
39. Conduct penetration testing.—Anthony Moore
40. Control embedded systems.—Mike Lerley
41. Control my data.—Dieter Plaetinck
42. Control servers from my N900.—Gunder johansen
43. Control space ground network for satellite communications.—Vidar Tyldum
44. Control XBMC from another room and freak out your kids by changing the video that’s playing.—LJ Staff
45. Convert units of measure.—LJ Staff
46. Convert video.—LJ Staff
47. Create and edit videos.—Elmer Perry
48. Create your own PBX.—LJ Staff
49. Customize with compiz.—okiwan
50. Debug ncurses code.—Alexander Cox
51. Delete all the GPS location data from images.—Stuart
52. Dent.—LJ Staff
53. Develop Arduino gadgets.—Eric Schug
54. Do development work for the pike language. —Lance Dillon
55. Do multilingual work.—Jonathan Abolins
56. Download back episodes.—john bosco
57. Dual-boot.—LJ Staff
58. Edit photographs.—Tarek Ahmed, Jim Peterson, DANiel Asselin
59. Edit the programing environment.—bhanupriya jena
60. Enjoy 1,000 days of uptime!—Ted Behling
61. Everyday tasks.—Patrick Dunn
62. Everything.—Philippe Godin, Lucas Westermann
63. Explore all the open-source apps.—Magesh
64. Explore source code.—Yash Datta
65. Explore various tools.—Bhupesh Chawda
66. Explore what Linux is made of.—Sriharsha
67. Feel the freedom.—hasintha, Risman
68. Filter spam.—LJ Staf
69. Fix Windows machines.—Scott Boucher, Detron Phillips, Stan Hearn
70. Geocache.—Buster Stone
71. Gloat when colleagues reboot Windows.—Kanwar Plaha
72. Grep the heck out of everything!—mixtape
73. Hack a Gibson.—LJ Staff
74. Hack an e-book reader.—LJ Staff
75. Hack everything.—Bart Friederichs
76. Hack your phone.—LJ Staff
77. Hang around various IRC networks.—dewey
78. Hijack Facebook on my wife.—Jon Elofson
79. Home music studio.—David Trombly
80. Home server.—Eric Gamache
81. Host your own blog.—BaloneyGeek
82. Impress girls with the command line.—Tim Kissane
83. Install apps from terminal.—M. Taylor
84. Install a RADIUS server.—LJ Staff
85. Install Boxee.—LJ Staff
86. Install on exotic hardware.—Jed Dale
87. Instant message/chat.—Josh
88. Launch a (USB) missle.—LJ Staff
89. Learn.—Andrew Frame
90. Learn C, C++, PHP, Python, Tcl/Tk, etc.—LJ Staff
91. Learn new technologies.—cga
92. Learn operating systems.—Alex Link
93. Link VHF radios using Internet.—Gustavo Conrad
94. Listen to music.—LJ Staff
95. Listen to podcasts.—LJ Staff
96. Load balance with round-robin DNS.—LJ Staff
97. Log on to Windows and remove IE.—Kartik Mistry
98. Make affordable technology solutions.—nettie feldman
99. Make a living.—Doug Roberts, cbleslie, Woody
100. Make free phone calls.—LJ Staff
101. Make my terminal window transparent.—Josiah Ritchie
102. Make non-Linux users jealous.—T.J. Domingue
103. Make videos of my desktop.—Praveen Kumar Singh
104. Make your computer look like Windows or OS X.—LJ Staff
105. Manipulate data with Python and shell.—Darrell Collins
106. Multitask.—Samuel Huang
107. Not waste my time rebuilding systems.—Jim Wallace
108. Parse weather data.—Xiao Haozi
109. Partition and format my hard drive.—Samsuddin Wira
110. Pay my bills securely on-line.—J. E. Aneiros
111. Photo management system with digiKam.—Fri13
112. Play a game.—LJ Staff
113. Play Commander Keen.—Terry Letsche
114. Play console emulators.—LJ Staff
115. Play SCummVM games.—LJ Staff
116. Play with Compiz Fusion.—Oleg Shmelyov
117. Play with OSes in VirtualBox.—Kousik Maiti
118. Pretend to be a Windows server.—LJ Staff
119. Provide services for Windows.—Gene Liverman
120. Proxy through SSH tunnel.—Scott Schafer
121. PXE boot GeeXboX.—Jeremy Kepler
122. Read a book.—LJ Staff
123. Read comics.—Neal Murphy
124. Read the boot sequence.—José Filipe
125. Read the digital edition of Linux Journal. —John Abbott
126. Record and watch TV.—Cory Lievers
127. Record, edit and publish a podcast about Linux. —Larry Bushey
128. Record HDTV with MythTV.—David Miller
129. Recover my girlfriend’s data.—Arun SAG
130. Rejuvenate a sluggish computer.—Andrea Zygmunt
131. Render fractals.—LJ Staff
132. Render video content.—Erin Bournival
133. Research and analyze baseball.—Sid Finch
134. Revolutionize healthcare.—Fred Trotter
135. Rip audio from streaming radio.—Galen Gish
136. Rip YouTube videos.—LJ Staff
137. Root around a Windows computer.—Ben Pratt
138. Run a beer fermentation cooler.—LJ Staff
139. Run a feature-rich Web site with Drupal. —Jim Caruso
140. Run an embedded server (where Windows failed).—Ryan Kirkpatrick
141. Run a proxy for my friend in China.—DavidWC
142. Run Lotus Notes version 8.—David Vasta
143. Run mutt and irssi in a screen session. —Matthew Cengia
144. Run my home family network.—Zak_Neutron
145. Run my whole house.—Robert White
146. Run Radiance daylight simulations in Amazon’s EC. —Severn Clay-Youman
147. Run the sound system at the chapel I attend. —Irving Risch
148. Run Windows in VirtualBox.—Happy Hacker
149. Run XBMC on your TV.—LJ Staff
150. Run Xen hypervisor.—Joe Cortes
151. Save infected Windows machines.—Paul Bucalo
152. Save people’s info with Linux.—Lee Schmid
153. Search for aliens.—LJ Staff
154. Search for Mersenne Primes.—Ted Behling
155. Serve a Web page.—LJ Staff
156. Set up a distro mirror.—LJ Staff
157. Set up a VPN.—LJ Staff
158. Set up my system for perfect productivity. —Justin Christian
159. Set up MythTV.—Patrick Bulteel
160. Share Linux with other people.—Rob Haag
161. Shell scripts.—Hieu, Nghiem Ba
162. Show it to my friends.—Dale Rooney
163. Show off my desktop.—Sum Yung Gai
164. Show people cool software.—Rob Hooft
165. Sniff packets.—LJ Staff
166. Solve for Pi (okay, probably not).—LJ Staff
167. Sort your DVD library.—LJ Staff
168. ssh to remote systems.—Bharathi Subramanian
169. Stream Netflix via Roku.—LJ Staff
170. Surf the Web, text, play silly games on my Motorola Droid!—Todd Blake
171. Talk to Amateur radio operators.—Jeff Hanscom
172. Teach Linux.—shrinivasan
173. Teach operating system concepts. —satyaakam goswami, Esteban Arias
174. Time your tea steeping.—LJ Staff
175. tracepath/traceroute.—Gjorgji Taskovski
176. Transmit audio casts.—carlos gomes
177. Try as many different distros as possible. —Carlo van Rijswijk
178. Try interesting apps.—Abhishek Tiwary
179. Tweet.—LJ Staff
180. Type top and press Enter.—Roshan Baladhanvi
181. Use a 9+ year-old computer.—Gumnos
182. Use GnuCash.—Peter Anderton
183. Use Linux as a thin-client server.—Tim Strickland
184. Use Linux to fix computers.—Bob Ivie
185. Use multiple virtual desktops.—LJ Staff
186. Video chat.—LJ Staff
187. Watch HD movies.—Vangelis Nonas
188. Watch Linux Journal videos!—LJ Staff
189. Watch TV with MythBuntu.—Todd Fowler
190. Watch video RSS with Miro.—David Crews
191. Web hosting.—Jared Moore
192. We like to have it with some funk!—Hedda, Anna and Maxim
193. Wiggle windows with Compiz.—LJ Staff
194. Work mobile or static.—Divakar Ramachandran
195. Work on my Web site.—charles snider
196. Write poetry in shell scripts.—Hani Saigh
197. Write programs.—ttylinux
198. Write Python code.—svaksha
199. Write Web pages that Internet Explorer can’t display.—LJ Staff
200. Write with—Jeremy LaCroix

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