Project Development: Speech Processing, Proj04

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Speech Processing, Proj04

//Purdue Cal - ECE 595C.
//Spring 2010.
//Project 04.
//Copyright @ 2010 antonio081014  ;
//All codes are in Matlab.

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Task one:
1. Get the Real Cepstrum of the windowed speech.
2. Separate the Vocal Tract and the Glottal part by using a low time lifter.
3. Do DFT to the h[n] in quefrency.
4. Get the H(w) by using exp(reverse of the operation 'log'). 

1. How to read pitch frequency: use two of the adjacent excitation peaks.
2. How to read F1: from the result of step 4 above, we can easily read the F1, F2...(Formants).
3. Pitch frequency has nothing relationship with H(w) of VT(Vocal Tract).

Task Two:
1. Using DFT to get the spectrum of H(w);
2. Using LPC to get the envelop of the spectrum of H(w).
3. Using Cepstrum to get the spectrum of H(w).
4. Compare the F1, F2,... and also pitch frequency with each other method.

Task Three:
1. Using a unvoiced frame(fricative) to do the cepstrum.
2. Using a voiced frame to do the cepstrum.
3. Check the difference of F1, F2 ... with these two frames.

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